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Ardbeg Ardcore Limited Edition Single Malt Whisky + Ardbeg Wee Beastie

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Ardbeg Ardcore Limited Edition Single Malt Whisky x 1

Ardbeg Wee Beastie 5 Years Single Malt Whisky x 1

Never mind the barrels, it’s all about the black malt in THE DISTILLERY’S LATEST PUNK ROCK LIMITED EDITION - ARDCORE

Ardcore is the palate ‘punk-turing’ limited edition bottled in honour of Ardbeg Day. To celebrate the launch, the Distillery is calling on their rabble-rousing mass of fans to rock up for the loudest event in the whisky calendar. From Ardbeg, a Distillery with more ups and downs that a pogoing punk, comes Ardcore. Created with roasted black malt – an unconventional choice, and a first for Ardbeg – this spirit is all about what happens up front, centre-stage. Incinerated to hair-raising levels, the malt is what defines its distinctive profile. Described by Dr Bill Lumsden as tasting ‘like biting on a spiky ball’, this devilishly delicious dram is one for the ages. Inspired by the devil-may-care attitude of Ardbeg’s fans, this dram is bottled for them. Ardcore also draws inspiration from Islay’s little-known punk past, celebrating the characters of ‘PUNK ELLEN’ – the alleged nickname for Islay’s main port, Port Ellen, in the 1970s.


Colour: Pale, translucent gold

Nose: Spicy and savoury, Ardcore grips the senses, with waves of marmite, burnt toast, chicory charcoal and infused coffee grounds making for a mosh pit in the glass. Like a safety pin through the septum, a classic Ardbeg herbal top note is present, while swirling, smoky bonfire and molasses loiter backstage.

Taste: A jaw dropping spicy and fiery mouthfeel leads to an explosion of rich, smoky flavours – cocoa powder, dark chocolate, peanut brittle toffee, smoked lime and a suggestion of soot and bonfire embers all pogo in unison on the palate. Amped up aniseed and malty biscuit elbow their way to the fore, “punk-turing” taste buds.

Finish: In an altogether sweeter finish, long, lingering notes of treacle toffee, soot and smoke make for an anarchic, but delicious, aftertaste.

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