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Bottega Ancestral Brut Nature


Johnnie Walker Blue Label

The term “ancestral” refers to an ancient and traditional technique that dates way back and has been passed down through generations to the present day. Ancestral Bottega is the product of painstaking research which has brought to light artisanal winemaking techniques and the “legacy of olden times”. It is a sparkling wine with hardly any sugar, made using this unique wine-making technique which was developed back when the seasons dictated product evolution, well before the onset of modern technology. A wine characterized by almost no residual sugar and a strong and authentic flavor thanks to its humble roots.

This wine is made using carefully selected Glera grapes and a small percentage of Moscato grapes. Glera grapes are grown in suitable alluvial soil that is clay-rich and medium-textured.

The mild climate and quite regular rainfall favor the ripening process and allow for optimal acid balance and levels of sugar.

Moscato grapes, on the other hand, grow in a hilly area created by the sedimentation of rocks and materials from the seabed and by volcanic eruptions. These are alkaline soils that favor the production of grapes with high acidity and that have a good draining structure and are full of minerals and micro-nutrients. The climate is temperate, with mild winters and warm, dry summers. The hilly landscape guarantees good changes in temperature that give the wine unmistakeable organoleptic properties.

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