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Tamdhu 10 Years Single Malt Whisky

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In 1897, Tamdhu Distillery was born of its founders’ ‘Can-Dhu-Spirit’, and 200 years of Scottish industry.


Today, Tamdhu 10 Year Old embodies the same intrepid approach. Matured exclusively in sherry oak casks, we ensure every drop is as magnificent now as it was then.


Tamdhu’s quality is defined by the hint of peat in our malted barley, as well as the distillery’s location on the banks of the River Spey: our water is drawn directly from the Tamdhu spring.


Once distilled, only the best European and American oak sherry casks are then selected to mature the precious spirit. These casks are amongst the finest in the industry with a high proportion being first-fill.


Finally, patience is required to allow these fine oak casks to do their work, giving Tamdhu its wondrous natural colour and exquisite quality.


Category Winner & Relaunch Design - World Whisky Awards 2015

Gold Medal - The Fifty Best Single Malt Scotch 2015

Silver Medal - International Spirits Challenge 2015

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