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Pere Magloire VSOP Calvados Pays DʼAuge

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V.S.O.P. is notable because it is made only from cider from apples harvested in the Pays d’Auge, an area covering barely 6% of Normandy. The character this soil gives the apples, combined with double distillation in copper stills, offers the V.S.O.P. richness and length.


V.S.O.P. is blended from Calvados which has been aged in oak barrels for at least four years.


Appellation Calvados Contrôlée Double Distillation


Colour: Superb dark golden colour.

Nose: Heavily scented apple blossom aroma.

Palate: Delicious crisp flavour, harmoniously blending with the freshness of the fruit.


2015 Double Gold Medal San Francisco

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