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Elements 8 Platinum Rum

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[e]8 Platinum Rum pioneered the aged white rum segment by being first to launch a highly versatile, four year old, super premium rum that is positioned as the ideal trade up for white rum drinkers but also appeals to deluxe vodka and gin drinkers.


Labelled as ‘the only sipping white rum’ by top bartenders in the UK, [e]8 Platinum has re-defined the white rum category which is traditionally comprised of non-aged rums.


[e]8 Platinum Rum can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks or in one of your favourite long drinks and cocktails. The signature drink, the [e]8 platinum daiquiri is the best way to enjoy this


Key points about the [e]8 Platinum Rum are:

- Tropically aged for 4 years in premium Bourbon barrels. Filtered to remove all colour obtained

- Complex ‘hand blend’ of over 10 different types of rums

- Made with perfectly ripened, hand selected sugar cane

- Crafted using naturally filtered virgin rainforest water

- Distilled using three artesian distillation techniques.

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