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Black Magic Black Spiced Rum

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Black Magic Rum, the latest release from Sazerac may be just the impetus to get your wooly butt outdoors for some fun. Even the label on the bottle screams “fun,” with a picture of an old pirate ship named the “Sea Czar” (rearrange the letters to get “Sazerac”) and the advice “Time flies when you’re having rum.” But it’s what’s inside the bottle which will really get you going.


A dark spiced rum, Black Magic drinks smoothly straight up or as the key component in a cocktail. A quick caveat: there’s also an aftershave named “Black Magic Bay Rum,” and while it does smell delightful, it really isn’t worth drinking unless you’re really hard up. The real deal has a lovely aroma that will send you straight to the beach in your mind. Essences of coconut and butter waft up from a snifter, and it’s a perfect pairing with a nice spicy cigar or some tropical fruit dishes like scallops topped with mango chutney.

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