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Longrow 12 Years Red Fresh Pinot Noir Casks Single Malt Whisky

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Longrow Red, always bottled at cask strength, is released annually in small quantities and every year a different type of red wine cask is used to mature the whisky.


Offering a different sensation from Longrow Peated, this whisky is smooth, elegant and subtly juicy. The latest release is 12 years old and was matured in bourbon casks for 11 years and Pinot Noir casks for 1 year.



There’s a cornucopia of fruity aromas: marmalade, strawberry preserve, fruit coulis and orange sherbet. Not forgetting the tobacco smoke which is associated with Longrow whiskies.


The fruit theme continues with raspberry jam, and strawberry jam with cream sponge. The whisky has a sweet side too, rich toffee, honeycomb and candy floss.


Very soft, this Longrow whisky doesn't disappoint with campfire smoke and charred embers dominating the finish.

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