Monkey 47 Dry Gin Distillerʼs Cut 2015

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Master Distiller Christoph Keller has once again embarked on a special distillatory mission. The quest for this year's species rara, or that one special ingredient for the Monkey 47 Distiller's Cut 2015, led them this year to the Black Forest. In the mountainous area around Wolfach, known as the “Moosenmättle”, grows an unparalleled abundance of spignel, a now extremely rare plant that has little in common with masterwort, which is used to make the reputed traditional root spirits in Germany.


When the foliage is cut or crushed, spignel emits a fine, somewhat sweet scent that is similar to fennel, dill, lovage or even gin. This year, in a complex and extensive production process, the usual 47 “traditional” ingredients of Monkey 47 was enhanced to include spignel seeds, distilled again, matured for three months in earthenware containers, before finally being combined with soft spring water from the Black Forest.


Distiller’s Cut 2015 is a refreshing, tangy gin with delicate vegetable top notes, spicy heart notes, and a unique complexity and density.

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