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Tebaida No.5 2010

A brilliant and limpid red with an intense wild cherry colour boasting purplish highlights. Abundant fast-flowing vibrant legs, indicating a long shelf life. Clean aromas with good intensity. Ageing notes of exceptional new wood-with hints of coconut and vanilla-combine perfectly with all types of ripe black berries (blackcurrant, blackberry) and stone fruit(plum), which increase in intensity. This is soon followed by mineral and balsamic tones, which appear in anticipation of a rich elegance. Agreeable initial impact in the mouth. Unctuous with moderate acidity, good volume and a heavy presence of fruit. Noble, full bodied and very well balanced tannis, despite its youth. A whirlwind of fruit sensations return in retro-olfaction, while pleasant mineral and balsamic hints give way to a long and elegant finish.
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