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Slyrs Bavarian Single Malt Whisky


As whisky pioneers from Bavaria, the Slyrs single malt whisky distillery team has been setting the standard in terms of whisky expertise since 1999. Slyrs single malt whisky from the finest Bavarian cereals, alpine spring water and new barrels of American white oak, so consistently the team strives for sustainably authentic production with every edition/batch.


Slyrs Single Malt Whisky is carefully stored in new 225 litre barrels made from American white oak. The traditional production process and the nature in Bavaria provide the Slyrs Single Malt Whisky with a unique taste. With continuous passion and love for distilling, each vintage is given its incomparable character.


World Whisky Awards named Slyrs Single Malt Whisky Best European Single Malt 12 Years and Under in 2015.


Tasting notes:


Toffee and very sweet with hints of barley. With time some sweet honey and sweet rum like dried fruit appears. The palate opens with a little more barley along with a touch of crisp citrus, which keeps the oak at bay to a certain extent but the toffee comes through on the middle. Long and herbal with a freshening citrus finish.


Slyrs Single Malt Whisky is best experienced without ice cubes as they may dilute the taste of the whisky uncontrollably.

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