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Moulin By Jean-Paul Vodka

Moulin Vodka is crafted in the town of Angoulême, in the heart of the Charente region. The most important element that goes into making Moulin Vodka is its high quality French wheat. Harvested from the 'Plaine de la Beauce�š�in northwestern France, this particular wheat has a distinct flavour profile due to the nutrient-rich soils in which it grows. This local Terroir elevates the wheat to more than just a mere ingredient and is identical to the relationship of grapes to wine. The water used for Moulin Vodka is sourced from the Pyrenées Mountains. This water is naturally filtered through layers of underground limestone and thus cleansed of many negative minerals, nitrates, and salts, which tend to inhibit the water's pure taste. This purity plays a vital role in allowing the finished vodka to display only its unique, untarnished, character. To create the purest and smoothest spirit possible, the makers of Moulin employ a three-stage technique which involves distilling the Vodka seven times to remove impurities, micro oxygenation to add softness, and finally charcoal filtering, to maximize the spirit's refinement.
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