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Diplomático Single Vintage 2005 Rum


Diplomático Single Vintage is crafted from a selection of exceptional rum reserves, which have been aged since the year indicated on each edition.

The rums are distilled separately in ancient copper Pot Stills and a Batch Kettle system. They are subsequently aged in bourbon and single malt whisky casks, providing the rum with exceptional characteristics.

After the ageing process, the Master Blender carefully blends the rum in order to obtain the structure, body, personality, flavours and aromas that he is looking for. Finally, the rum is placed into Spanish sherry casks, giving it the perfect finish.


Colour: deep golden amber

Nose: slightly spiced, vanilla and rich caramel notes, combined with almonds and dried fruit aromas

Mouth: rich, silky and incredibly flavoursome. Caramel, golden syrup, vanilla oak, nutmeg spice, tobacco and dried apricots. Soft and round, with a complex and long lasting finish


Enjoy it neat.

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