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Sublime Absente Absinthe


An extremely powerful Absinthe from French spirits experts Distilleries et Domaines de Provence.

This spirit has been made to a traditional recipe, using mugwort, star anise, aniseed, balm, mint and wormwood (artemisia absinthium). Distilleries de Provence use less sugar in their absinthe than other producers, ensuring a more powerful herbal flavour.

This is by far the most formidable of the absinthes bottled by Distilleries de Provence, weighing in at a scorching 89%. The result is a spirit that offers up an incredibly intense herbal and bittersweet wormwood flavour, with aggressive notes of mint, aniseed and hot spices.

The bottling is best enjoyed “louched” with the slow addition of ice cold water. A little sugar can be used too, if one desires.

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