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Glendalough Summer Gin


These are a set of four seasons of gin, unlike any other.


Each season they forage what grows at that time of year to make a batch with botanicals from that small, seasonal window. What they forage, as usual, goes into the still within hours of being pickied in the wild. And what they end up with is as close to terroir as you can get with a spirit. A gin with a sense of both time and place.


While the Spring Gin is a fresh mix of young green shoots and wild young leaves, Summer is more floral, like a meadow in bloom, with some light early fruits. Their Autumn Gin is packed with wild fruits and berries, and is truly the bounty of the surrounding mountains bottled. Winter, is woody and spicy, and a tough one to make. Some years they can't even make a batch, it completely depends on how the season is that year.


Open a bottle and they will bring you to a place and time with a taste of their home in the Wicklow mountains.

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