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Kangaroo Island O Gin

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A Premium Gin with Australian Distinction.

Voted Australia's Best Botancial Gin by, Max Allen and Luke Ashton in Gourmet Traveller Magazine.

KIS O Gin is produced in small batches using fresh botanicals in their small copper pot still using a unique vapour distillation process.

In addition to traditional botanicals such as juniper, coriander and Angelica root, O’Gin marries in the Kangaroo Island coastal daisy bush, (Olearia axillaris).

Olearia a. sometimes known as wild rosemary because of its appearance, is a shrub of the Asteraceae family, found in coastal areas of southern Australia and was first described by two early explorers to the coast and islands of Western Australia. Willem de Vlamingh and William Dampier, both ventured to eat this plant ‐ its aromatic quality inspiring its use in cooking.

Its discernibly Australian coastal heath aroma stands up well to the piney quality of Macedonian juniper berries.

Balanced with fresh SA Riverland orange, seasoned with two exotic peppers (Long pepper & Cubeb Pepper) and a hint of tonka bean.

O’Gin is being enjoyed across the country for its balanced botanicals and fine finish.

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