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Edgerton Blue Spiced Gin

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Following on from their multi-award winning Pink Gin, Edgerton have introduced their new Blue Spice Gin, the world’s first Blue Spice.


Said to be a more masculine offering to counter their feminine pink gin, the Blue Spice Gin has a more earthy flavour to it but still retains the great qualities that made Edgerton Pink Gin so popular.


Using 17 botanicals and triple-distilling the gin gives it a very balanced but complex character. Notes of lavender, citrus and spices, especially black pepper, are most prominent on the palate. These give way to flavours from the botanicals Cardamom and Fenugreek which give a long spicy finish.


The Blue Spice Gin has already caught the attention of the Spirit Business Awards, with it being awarded a Gold award by all 7 judges in its first year. After the success of the Pink Gin, the Blue Spice Gin had a lot to live up to, a feat it has accomplished with ease.

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