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Kimerud Wild Grade Gin


Kimerud Wild Grade Gin 47% is the same great gin as Kimerud Gin 40% they just add less water after distillation in the 47%. The gin benefits from the organic ingredients that are home grown on the farm,and from the herbs that grow in the wild in North of Norway.

Set in a family farm distillery in Lier valley Norway, Master Distiller Ståle Håvaldsen Johnsen began with this complex and smooth gin.

Their gin received DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL in CWSA China, GOLD MEDAL in San Francisco World Spirit Competition 2017, and Silver Outstanding IWSC 2017. They also received the top certification «three stars» from International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI) Brussels 2015. Awarded by 120 of the best Sommeliers and Chefs in the world.


The spirit is distilled 5 times and we add only pure mountain water after distillation.


22 handpicked botanicals are used, including Juniper, Coriander, Ginger Root, Walnut, Mint, Angelica, Orange and Lemon Peel.


An aroma of the sea can be noted in the gin as we use the herb «Rhodiola Rosea» picked on the cliff of the Arctic`s Norwegian sea.

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