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Macaronesian Gin


Macaronesian Gin made with rainwater filtered in volcanic rock and with botanists from the Canary Islands. Exotic botanists make up the base of this Gin: juniper, cardamom, angelica root, licorice, lemon and orange peel. Volcanic gallery water, the volcanic rock slopes of the Canarian orography, filter the fog and raindrops to dark underground galleries, where one of the keys of their gin is stored: pure water that has not seen the light, so that its properties remain unchanged, giving their gin a crystalline and clean color, after special filtration with microparticles, producing a moisturizing effect on the palate. The "Organic" package in an elegant traditional clay-baked ceramic bottle, which guarantees no filtration and purity of its contents.

Made in the Canary Islands in small productions with an almost handmade process that gives rise to Macaronesian Gin. A very balanced gin, with moderate alcoholic perception in the mouth, predominantly botanical flavors and aromas. Macaronesian Gin is the first Canarian gin awarded at the International Wine & Spirit Competition in London, receiving the Silver Outstanding award for two consecutive years, and the bronze medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition USA.

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