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Kingston 62 White Jamaica Rum


Introducing Kingston 62, proudly an aged Jamaica rum, a celebration of independence, a symbol of Jamaica's rich heritage.

Kingston 62 offers the traditional Jamaica rum taste and quality, with the same original Appleton Special & White recipe developed in the 1940s.

A blend of two column still rums, with the oldest marque rum aged up to three years in oak barrels. Medium-bodied, with a fresh sweet aroma and flavours of coconut, pineapple and banana.

Made at the Appleton Estate Distillery and crafted with adherence to the highest standards of rum production. Using non-GMO Molasses & Yeast, distillation with only Jamaican limestone filtered water, Kingston 62 is then barrel aged in the tropical climate of Jamaica and bottled locally with no additives to influence the taste or aroma.

Mixes well, easy to enjoy, ideal for a classic mojito or rum and ginger.

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