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Teacherʼs Origin Blended Whisky

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Teacher's Origin is a premium blend of the highest stature. It was created as a celebration of the great man himself William Teacher. Willian always believed in using an unusually high proportion of single malts in his blends and we believe that Origin has the highest at 65% of any blend ever created.Of course at it’s heart lies the whisky from the families own distillery Ardmore with it’s trademark smokey flavours, this has been carefully balanced with both Speyside and Lowland whiskies to give a smooth rounded flavour profile.


Tasting Notes:



Deep gold with a dusky red tinge.


Together with an initial rich malty burst the sweet pear and apple fragrance seem to mask the dryer peat flavour which underlies the multitude of delicious aromas. With a touch of water the fragrant, flowery Speyside and Highland malts come to the fore together with a tang of orange and dried grape sweetness. Circling all these flavours and holding them together is the full roundness of Highland Peat smoke.


Massive, mouth filling and incredibly rich.


A vast alternating change of tastes varying from immense sweetness to dry slightly tart oakiness with all variations in between, surrounded by the unique liquorice root smokiness from the Ardmore peat.


Exceptionally long lasting.

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