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Never Never Distilling Co. Juniper Freak Gin

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The Juniper Freak is a celebration of Juniper. It's an oiled-up beast of a gin. They've embraced their love of juniper and maxed it out in this wonderfully intense, aromatic, flavoursome gin. At 58% abv, the juniper leaps from the bottle, fills the nostrils and tingles the lips.


Last year was another great year for juniper production, with a wet Balkan summer followed by a dry autumn creating perfect conditions for a high-quality, plentiful harvest. Their Juniper 2018 harvest was air-freighted from the Republic of North Macedonia to ensure they receive it as quickly as possible.


The 2018 Juniper Freak highlights the juicy, bright character of fresh juniper, which will slowly develop into a more concentrated, drier and earthier flavour over time.


Australia’s Best Navy Gin – World Gin Awards 2019

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