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Aroma Academy 24pc Gin Aroma Training Kit w/Paperbox


The kit and accompanying guide booklet will make Gin nosing and tasting an even more pleasurable experience and dramatically increase your Gin nosing and tasting knowledge!


Let us guide you as we;

- Introduce a series of key reference Gin aromas!

- Educate you regarding nosing terminology/vocabulary!

- Explain the nosing and tasting process!

- Identify the key aromas to be found in your favourite Gins!

- with the unique Gin Aroma Kit and accompanying explanatory guide!


The Gin Aroma Nosing Kit contains;

- 24 aroma samples that cover the spectrum of aromas typically found in Gin

- An explanatory spiral bound (for ease of use) booklet guide

- Blank Aroma Strips

- Nosing and Tasting Record Sheets

- all packaged in an attractive presentation box.

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