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Remy Martin XO by Lee Broom Limited Edition

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About Lee Broom
Lee Broom, a young British designer, established his eponymous brand in 2007. Since his debut, Lee Broom has won numerous awards, including "British Designer of the Year" and "British Design Awards" and other major awards in the British design industry. He is known as "Marc Jacobs of Home Design". Received more than 30 international awards. Dubbed "the most respected British talent" by the Financial Times, talented Lee Broom has designed 75 furniture, lighting products and 40 retail stores, restaurants, bars and Residential interior design, his products are sold in more than 120 stores over 40 countries around the world. Most of Lee Broom's designs are inspired by fashion, and the works are full of modernism. Each piece of Lee Broom furniture is very personal and artistic and is deeply loved by fashion design and high-end consumers.

Remy Martin collaborates with internationally renowned designer - Lee Broom to launch the limited-edition XO. Paying homage to the iconic Remy Martin XO bottle, it is the first change to a bottle design that has not changed since 1981, carefully engraving hundreds of beautifully radiant lines within its sun-textured indentations , imbued with unique tangents, each tangent symbolizing one of the hundreds of eau de vie that Remy Martin XO reconciles.

Lee Broom said: “I wanted to convey not only the richness of Remy Martin XO, but the visual experience of having it with ice, which I think is a great way to taste cognac. So, the tangent on the bottle is also inspired by the icicles. In addition to representing eau de vie the and the body of the cognac, it also has the luster and wonderful aroma of XO after adding ice.”

In addition to the first change of the bottle, the oval-shaped gold label on the front of this limited edition is also presented in a metal engraving way. Also, an addition to the Remy Martin XO is the bottle neck has been added to Lee Broom's personal brand identity, which is a sign of honour.

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