Wakatakeya Sake

Wakatakeya Sake Brewery is located in the quaint town of Tanushimaru, in the southern part of Fukuoka Prefecture, one of the biggest sake brewery areas in Japan. Tanushimaru is also home to the Chikugo River, famous for the purity of its waters and the longest in Kyushu at 143 km. The mineral rich waters flow south through the foot of the Mino mountains, where Wakatakeya has an exclusive contract with a local veteran farmer to grow their sake rices – as they deem quality rice as important as clear water in sake brewing. 

Founded in 1699, Wakatakeya Brewery, has outlived their competitors for the past 300 years by working hard to maintain their quality. Hironobu Hayashida, the 14th generation owner continues this family tradition and has a very hands on approach when it comes to his sakes -- which he calls his "children," he even lives within the brewery so he can work on his sake everyday. Alongside their dedication to brewing quality sake, Wakatakeya is also known for their devotion to the craft of sake brewing which is seen in their various approaches of reviving ancient sakes lost to time.