HK Liquor Store Co. Ltd. Odoo Version 14.0

Information about the HK Liquor Store Co. Ltd. instance of Odoo, the Open Source ERP.

Installed Applications

Odoo 14 HR Payroll
Payroll For Odoo 14 Community Edition
Odoo 14 HR Payroll Accounting
Generic Payroll system Integrated with Accounting
From quotations to invoices
Invoices & Payments
Apping Branch Email Send
Branch Wise Email Send
Apping HKL Generic
HKL related customization only
Custom Emplyoee
Custom Employee
Custom Hr Holidays
Custom Hr Holidays
Track leads and close opportunities
Enterprise website builder
Manage your stock and logistics activities
Purchase orders, tenders and agreements
Point of Sale
User-friendly PoS interface for shops and restaurants
Sell your products online
Manufacturing Orders & BOMs
Time Off
Allocate time off and follow time off requests
Centralize employee information
Apping Accounting
Asset and Budget Management, Accounting Reports, PDC, Lock dates, Credit Limit, Follow Ups, Day-Bank-Cash book reports.
Apping Accounting Extension
Feature enrichment.
Apping Branch Accounting
Feature enrichment.
Apping Customer Order History
Apping Customer Order History.
Apping Debit Note
Apping Debit Note.
Apping Debranding
Apping Module for backend and frontend Debranding.
Apping Hide Tax
Hide Tax.
Apping hkl website theme
Apping hkl website theme.
Apping Customer Order History by Branch
Apping Customer Order History by Branch.
Partner field Domain
This module helps to add domain in partner field in sale, purchase and accounting
Apping Payment Acquirer Access
Payment Acquirer Access to Admin access right group.
Apping PL BS Branch
Apping Profit Loss & Balance Sheet report
Feature enrichment.
Apping Sale and Invoice Report Modification
Feature enrichment.
HKL Payroll
HKL Payroll.
Apping POS Delivery
POS Delivery module.
Apping Sale
saviero Sale module.
Odoo Approval
Create and validate approval requests. Each request can be approved by many levels of different managers
POS Customer Cart Screen
This module is used to show the products that are added into a particular cart. This is a handy way to show the customers what is in their cart.
POS Customer Screen Base
This is the base module for other modules related to the pos customer screen.
Chat, mail gateway and private channels
Centralize your address book
Schedule employees' meetings
Create surveys and analyze answers
Track employee attendance
Skills Management
Manage skills, knowledge and resumé of your employees
Handle lunch orders of your employees
Employee Contracts
Paypal Payment Acquirer
Payment Acquirer: Paypal Implementation
Stripe Payment Acquirer
Payment Acquirer: Stripe Implementation

Installed Localizations / Account Charts

Hong Kong - Accounting